Value Stream Management for the Digital Age

Value Streams with Richard Knaster and Steve Moubray

Come learn how to super charge your teams! Value Stream Management (VSM) is a set of lean principles and practices that optimizes the application of people, processes, and technology to continuously improve business value flow, from ideation to customer delivery.

Companies that implement Value Stream Management have seen extraordinary business improvement in car manufacturing, software, financial, and medical industries. Despite the benefits, studies show that very few companies have truly implemented value stream thinking, principles, and practices.

In this talk, Richard Knaster, Chief Scientist for, Author, and SAFe Fellow, provides the latest thinking from his new white paper on Value Stream Management for the Digital Age. Attendees of this talk will get a free copy of the white paper.

About our speaker:
Richard Knaster is the Chief Scientist for Value Stream Management at He’s a SAFe Fellow and methodologist who has written several books on SAFe. He’s a worldwide keynote speaker and executive that helps customers achieve better business outcomes with their digital transformations.