Product Culture with Pete Anderson

What is Product Culture? What are the 7 Product Values?

People cannot live on Scrum alone. If we don’t reflect on how our people interact, the processes we have in place that constrain them, and the methods we use to make strategic decisions, we’ll only achieve a smidge of the potential success we can with more holistic change. Join Pete Anderson, Project-to-Product junkie and Partner at ThreeBridge Solutions, as we dive into the cultural challenges we experience when attempting to drive change at scale. We’ll have an interactive discussion around a set of 7 Product Values and explore the concept of curated Ways of Working that you’ll be able to apply/use immediately in your day-to-day lives. Whether you’re coaching teams, or you’re waist-deep in a change you didn’t ask for, the content and conversation will be relevant.


Pete Anderson is a passionate Product Discovery Coach with a demonstrated history of helping teams define their products, customers, outcomes, and hypotheses. Pete has 25+ years of technology solution delivery experience with deep expertise in Product Management, Agile Methodologies, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Process, and Team Building.

Over the past seven years, Pete has been in the trenches for two Fortune 125 Project-to-Product transformations at Target and US Bank, and has spent the last year standing up a consulting practice focused on the same kind of work for companies large and small. He believes that Product is the gateway to Business Agility and seeks to create a strong Product Management Community in the Upper Midwest.

He lives in the Minneapolis area with his partner of 22 years, Trish, and two kiddos, Jacob and Emma.

This self-described Hipster Redneck, considers himself an expert of nothing. He’s a potter, a Packer fan, and a novice OneWheel Pint rider.