Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), Pros and Cons

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) - Melissa Daley, Efua Opoku and Steve Moubray

Imagine understanding customer needs better and have those needs flow right into requirements and test scripts!

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) creates a common language that brings customers and delivery teams closer together. Using natural-language constructs, BDD encourages collaboration among developers, QA and business participants by providing a common language to identify customer needs.

BDD doesn’t have formal requirements for how User Stories and Acceptance Criteria must be written but it does create an easily embraced framework allowing customers, business owners, developers, testers and others to have common language and can help integrate directly with testing.

Now’s your chance to learn from experts who have seen the good stuff and the bad. BDD is easily understand but challenging to perfect. Now’s your chance to learn and grow.

Our Speakers:
Melissa Daley
With over 20 years of experience in Information Technology, Melissa Daley created Orca Intelligence in 2014. Her purpose was to offer a unique methodology to decrease the time it takes to capture, analyze, and manage software requirements. Though not tangible, she believes software is very similar to building design and architecture and requires the same governance and best practices. Her method encompasses features such as cataloging and maintaining requirements for reuse on other projects. This methodology saves requirements analysis and management time. Her methods have proven to keep stakeholders and software engineers organized throughout the entire software development life cycle across Agile teams. Besides, her Agile project management skills produce incremental success that keeps teams on schedule and within budget.

Ms. Daley is an experienced Systems Engineer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from Hampton University and a Master’s in Technology Entrepreneurship from the University of Maryland. Melissa worked as a consultant with several organizations such as Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, and many other companies, such as the State of Georgia Department of Human Resources, NGP VAN, DMI, and ICF. She is worked as a Product Manager, Product Owner, Designer, and Business Systems Analyst throughout her career.

In 2007, Melissa Daley founded, iT Gets Better as a 501c3 non-profit organization, in Atlanta, GA, to assist youth organizations with Information Technology (IT). In 2008, Melissa founded iGB Associates Inc. to support for-profit organizations with their IT services. It was later sold in 2009.

Fun fact: She is an ambidextrous tennis player, crocheter, and a certified Reiki Master Level II.

Efua Opoku is an experienced and passionate IT Senior Business Analyst who partners with clients to capture, analyze and manage requirements. After spending nearly a decade working in the IT industry, Efua truly understands the key to efficiently gathering, analyzing and managing software requirements. It’s centered on the connection with the customer by using a customer centered design approach to deliver quality and value to customers.

Efua has spent the majority of her career on IT healthcare projects with CMMI and CMS. In addition to her experience with Business Analysis, Efua is an experienced agile scrum master specializing in team communication, coordination and cooperation. She is also a trained Public health professional.

Efua holds a Master’s in Public Health, Health Management & Policy from the University of North Texas Health Science Center.