Agile 2 with Philippa Fewell

Agile 2 Meetup with Philippa Fewell

Want to learn about Agile 2? Come ask questions from a creator.

It’s been 20 years since the Agile Manifesto for software development was created. Useful and innovative for its time, it is still used today for guiding our Agile practices and mindset. But is it time to inspect and adapt for the modern software we build today? How has the Agile space evolved in the last 20 years and are companies realizing the benefits the original Agile Manifesto was meant to provide? A group of 15 Agilists from 5 countries and various backgrounds met over a period of 8 months to reflect on these questions. The result was the creation of a new set of values and principles called Agile 2. In this talk we’ll hear about the process the group went through, the insights they learned, and the results of that effort.

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About our guest, Philippa Fewell.

Philippa Fewell has had a long-tenured, progressive consulting career leading to her current position as Managing Director of CC Pace’s Agile Practice. Her practice focuses on application development services, training, and coaching in Lean and Agile Methods. She has practiced Agile Methods with development teams for the last fifteen years, has worked extensively with leadership on what it really means to be Agile, is a certified Agile Coach and recently co-authored “Agile 2: The Next Iteration”. Philippa is highly recognized for her in-depth knowledge and practical experience in Agile, bringing hands-on, real-world techniques to the teams and the executives she works with. Philippa has an exceptional track record of managing stakeholders at all organizational levels, with emphasis on establishing cultures of trust, and building high-performance teams.