Impactful Products with Jason Hall

Making Impactful Products is becoming a bigger concern for many organizations. Jason Hall coaches organizations and Product Management on how to build the right products at the right time and provide customer value through products that make an impact. This presentation on Coaching Towards Impactful Products over Working Software was perfect as it’s the message many organizations need right now.

Jason Hall host the second Meetup event for Agile Coaching DC over 5 years ago and it was wonderful to have him return after years of impactful product coaching!

Here’s the description from the Meetup
It’s often said Agile has a heart (or soul) but no brain. In most contexts it can’t tell us if we’re building the right thing, or how to connect successful organizational product strategy with individual product/program team actions.

As coaches emerge in the modern digital, data-rich age, we need to double click on what Value delivery looks like, specifically when digital outcomes start to more strongly influence real life outcomes.

In this talk we’ll dive below the typical 50,000 ft view of value delivery (e.g. increased revenue, innovation, customer happiness, etc.) and show you how to get there.

Key takeaways:

– Differences between leading and lagging indicators,
– Understand how industry definitions of customer success are actually indicators of business success and not customer success.
– Examples of true Customer Outcomes and how to measure them.
– Differentiate ways of working for managing innovation work (vs sustaining an existing value stream).

About Jason Hall

Jason Hall has employed a product-centered focus within the Public and Private sector and within the broader Agile community for over 11 years. He’s dogmatically un-dogmatic, utilizing principles and frameworks across and outside of the Agile gamut to achieve his clients’ outcomes. He started as a product owner in the DoD space before shifting his focus to coaching. Since then he’s worked as an organizational shepherd helping various lines of businesses reorganize and deliver products and services that delight. Whether it’s helping engineers adopt a shift-left approach to testing or executives in embracing outcome-oriented leadership, Jason has proven his ability to be impactful at any level.

Coaching Towards Impactful Product with Jason Hall
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