Using Metrics for Good not Evil: or Learning to Love KPIs

John Tanner and Steve Moubray hosting Meetup on Metrics

Who knew virtual Meetups could be so much fun? With John Tanner presenting, it’s hard to wrong. As usual he showed his brilliance and knocked the topic out of the park! While John is brilliant and knows as much as any expert on Agile, Lean and business metrics, he has the unique ability to boil down the complex into easy to understand terms.

Here’s the link to the video “Using Metrics for Good not Evil: or Learning to Love KPIs” and give it a minute. John is a very empathetic leader and he started the presentation with a very somber of why proper information is so important. After a few minutes the mood chances, John’s sense of humor and brilliance take over.

After a few minutes you’ll quickly realize why this was such a great topic, John is a such an amazing presenter and I’m the luckiest Meetup organizer on the planet to have such an amazing community.

John Tanner Metrics for Good and not Evil



John Tanner at Agile Coaching DC