SAFe on Trial – Is it really Agile?

Scaled Agile with Steve Moubray, Michael Dougherty and Gavriel Hoffman

Gavriel Hoffman and Michael Dougherty delivered an excellent “trial-based” debate on the topic of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) being true agile or not? Gavi is an actual lawyer and his masterful skills in the courtroom showed. Michael held his ground and made some wonderful points as well.

Over 80 people attended this fun and entertaining event which ended with a Trial by Jury using Lean Coffee Table.

Reach out to Gavriel Hoffman and Michael Dougherty on LinkedIn to learn more and join us at our next event. If you have a topic you’d like covered or would like to present, please let me know. You can find me here and I love meeting new people!

Meetup Description

Members of the audience: as SAFe expands its reach in the world, so does its criticism. Using a debate format, we will explore many of the criticisms that have been leveled against SAFe and address many situations that come up when delivering with SAFe from our experience. We will also provide best practices in dealing with situations when your client or enterprise push back against the core values, mindset and principles that are considered essential by the framework.

We will cover why even scale Agile at all, why choose SAFe and current facts, myths and opinions about key aspects of SAFe, especially in adoption.

About our Speakers:

Michael Dougherty
“Agile Mike” has over 25 years of experience with software development and product leadership. He is published under the “Built for Success” column in magazine and held the position of Vice President in the Agile Leadership Network. Michael has taught multiple SAFe courses for over the past three years to over 450 people + certified SAFe SPC5, AWS Cloud Architect, ICP-CAT (Coaching Agile Transitions), AHF (Agility Health Facilitator), Scrum CSP, and PMP.

Michael is now engaged in SAFe-related work for the US Government. See his website at:

Gavriel Hoffman
Gavi is a recovering attorney who initially moved into the product development world as a business analyst and after years of swimming upstream with waterfall discovered the joys of Agile. Currently he both works in, and coaches clients on, Agile Transformation and Product Management. After over a decade of consulting, and in various industries and environments, he has learned to embrace that all-important notion: the only constant is change.

In his personal life, he re-watches the West Wing over and over, agonizes over his Mets and Jets while taking his wife and 3 kids on as many Disney related trips as possible.


Full Presentation

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