Agile Playbook
Empowerment Pyramid

When forming new teams, the focus should be on empowering the teams to achieve a state of high-performance. Based on research from a variety of sources including Dale Carnegie, some key drivers towards empowerment exist.


Teams need to have a proper environment to achieve enablement. This includes having the right people, a consistent path towards the flow of value and of course the right framework. Having teams formed around Value Streams and the Flow of Customer Value is often critical but often overlooked.


Empowered Teams have the right training  knowledge of what is valuable to the customer and stakeholders, tools and the opportunities to practice enablement.


This is where the team practices with support of coaches that are very hands on. Teams start deliver value build relationship, communicate with stakeholders, build trust and take pride in what they do. Teams may start practicing decentralized decision making.


Empowering teams is to give ownership, responsibility and control. Teams must feel in accepting empowerment and that is why the Empowerment Pyramid builds on all the steps needed for teams to embrace empowerment.